With a 2022 GDP at a +5.5%, China is confirmed to be the second largest market in the world and a major player in the global economic scenario, especially in the digital market.


Despite all the difficulties given by the COVID-19 pandemic, interacting with this market is of major importance. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to maintain solid relations with China and its very promising and ever-changing market. However, in order to succeed in capturing all the opportunities, one has to know the target country as well as implement an appropriate strategy to achieve the intended goal.

13th Annual Report “China 2022 – Scenarios and Outlook for Enterprises”

Approach a market like China is not always so quick and easy to do. This market is very different and distant from what we are used to in Italy. Finding information can be complicated and this can discourage anyone who wants to approach such an important country with such great potential.

In the Italy Chiana Council Foundation’s 13th Annual Report, all the information needed to guide Italian businesses on the journey Beyond the Wall is gathered in order to learn how to take advantage of all the opportunities that will present themselves. The report is an in-depth and authoritative study of all the major trends in China. The research analyzes the current situation and provides forecasts on the Chinese market, outlining a clear and structured picture of the local reality. Within the China report updated to 2022, the sectors of greatest interest to Italian companies, such as digital communication, and investment opportunities for Chinese companies in Italy are explored in depth.

Digital marketing to support internationalization in China

With more than 5.1 billion Internet users worldwide digital is becoming increasingly important in everyday life, especially in China. For this very reason, an effective digital strategy cannot fail to be included in an Italian company’s internationalization plan.

That’s why, East Media has written a chapter within the report dedicated only to the Chinese digital world. Within the annual report you will find an in-depth analysis from search engines to the most popular social networks, such as WeChat, Douyin, Weibo and others. In addition, a focus on Influencer Marketing is presented, which is essential for developing awareness, promoting a product and increasing sales. Then, the world of e-commerce, between domestic and cross-border strategy, cannot be overlooked. Indeed, China is the world’s top market for online sales. In addition, the excerpt delves into the Customer Journey in the country and how to set up a cross-cultural strategy to approach the market. Finally, an insight is offered on the very recent Metaverse trend and how China has adapted to it.

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